What a difference the right outdoor landscape lighting makes! After you’ve thought about how to create your new outdoor space, complete the look with lighting that focuses on how lovely your new living area is. Have you recently noticed how your backyard may look great during the day, but you can see very little of your features in the evening? Improve your landscape’s total image with the right lighting!

Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction
Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction
Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction
Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction


When we work with you to design a new front and/or backyard landscape, we will include your lighting choices. We understand that in creating a total look, being able to change the feeling of the space with lighting is essential. You may want to use focal lighting to bring attention to specific new designs or areas. You will certainly need outdoor lighting for practical purposes, like walking through the garden and patio areas. If you’ve decided to go with an Outdoor Kitchen, you’ll need task lighting so you can keep cooking when the sun goes down. And ambiance lightning can help your guests relax in your calming backyard oasis. Lighting has many uses, and we’ll help you discover all of them when we meet with you!


Native Texas Landscape is much more than just an outdoor landscape lighting company. If we have worked with you to create a new backyard living space, you’ll know how we can meet your every need. Maybe you’ve achieved the general look you want in your yard already, but it isn’t practical or beautiful because you don’t have the right lighting. We can complete an on-site visit and create the look you’re going for. Best of all, we will install the lighting along with any other work we are completing. No sketchy sub-contractors here! Our experienced staff will finish every part of the installation with the confidence you need. Since we understand all the components that go into electrical elements as part of an outdoor renovation, you can rest assured that our work will last for years, problem-free!

Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction
Native Texas Landscape Design & Construction

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Native Texas Landscape Design and Construction is a full-service design and builds firm. Wes Hackney is the owner of Native Texas Landscape and has employed most of his crew since he first started his company. They take great care and pride in the work they perform and it shows.